Teresa Cutter Healthy Chef


Teresa Cutter is a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world. She is also Australia's original Healthy Chef, and one very fit foodie! 

Teresa was in Melbourne for the Australian Health & Fitness Expo (Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre)where she gave three live cooking demonstrations on the Healthy Living & Endurance stage. She also showcased her latest venture, The Healthy Chef whole food supplements range.  


  1. A passionate and high profile advocate for health over two decades, you may have heard of Teresa as the 'chef' behind The Healthy Chef she cafe founded in Sydney's northern beaches (famous fans included Megan Gale, Kelly Slater and Layne Beachley). She is also the author of five books, and has appeared extensively in the media on her quest to show people how quick and easy cooking healthily can be. 

    Whilst Teresa has cooked for celebrities and surfing legends, her mission is to help thousands more. Through her website (ww.thehealthychef.com) Teresa has inspired many people to turn their lives around through cooking. From overweight families battling with obesity to sufferers of cancer, she receives some incredibly touching letters from fans thanking her for generously sharing her recipes and wisdom for free via her site. 

    Around 30,000 people attended the Australian Health & Fitness Expo!

    Teresa's food was on display with The World Loves Melbourne on board The Healthy Tram which served passengers a stunning breakfast.


    The Colonial Tramcar was transformed into The Healthy Tram, with several athletes and celebs on board. 


    Kale baby, in fact massaged kale, in this stunning juice blend...


    The Wellness Bowl and the Superfood Muesli Bowl were so delicious and I felt an instant energy hit that lingered most of the day.


    Teresa wows in the presentation of these dishes, as well as the complexity and balance of flavours...


    Healthy teas are a must when it comes to a healthy diet...


    The Healthy Tram was the place to be as it travelled through the CBD and into South Melbourne...

    Get your healthy eating and fitness on!