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New Fitness First Platinum in CBD

Fitness First Platinum Flinders St recently launched and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to check out this state of the art facility described as the best gym in Australia. With amazing views over Flinders St Station and Elizabeth St this is about Australia's leading fitness group coming together with iconic Melbourne. Literally you can work out at one of the Treadmills and look over the Flinders St Station action, as well as experience exciting new forms of training, the best of equipment and luxuries like air showers, lounges, and even a meeting room to connect with friends or clients.


Former AFL greats Campbell Brown and Cameron Ling revived their 2008 grand final rivalry,  going head-to-head in a fitness challenge to showcase the benefits of Dynamic Movement Training (DMT) at the opening of Fitness First’s newest and largest club in Melbourne. 
The challenge focussed on a style of training that utilises the bodies' natural movement patterns with three-dimensional exercises that involve the entire body working together by challenging the muscular, cardiovascular and neural system. 
“Simply put, this style of training will have you moving every part of your body. It’s fast, high intensity and definitely gets your heart rate racing,” said former Hawthorn and Gold Coast Suns player, Campbell Brown. 
The World Loves Melbourne was impressed with the intensity of this training style, and to be honest I'm in awe of the changes from simple exercises years ago to what we see today in terms of fitness.
DMT is at the heart of Fitness First’s new fitness philosophy and has informed the fitness offering available at Fitness First clubs across Australia including the new cutting-edge facility on Flinders Street. 
 “DMT is a whole new way of training, offering superior overall fitness results in a shorter period of time through workouts that are time efficient and highly motivational, anyone from a beginner to an elite athlete can benefit from this style of training,” said Fitness First Head of Fitness, Rob Hale. 
At a cost of $7 million the 3,800 square metre, two level, premium club opposite Flinders Street Station, features the latest in fitness innovations such as Custom Fit, a unique fitness program for every member that scientifically assesses members’ ‘training personality’ and goals in order to establish a personalised program from a range of over 350,000 programs. 
Fitness First Managing Director, Pete Manuel, said Fitness First Flinders Street is a sign of the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its growing member base in Melbourne. 
“We’ve been listening to our members and investing in product, training, facilities and people over the last 12 months. We’re raising the bar with this new club which will not only be one of the biggest fitness clubs in Australia, but have the very latest in fitness innovations.” 
We were treated to a large healthy breakfast at the launch including salmon, salads, muesli, quiches and other treats. No coffee here - I chose a Kale shake that I'm sure has changed my life...
We were given a tour of Fitness First Platinum Flinders St and it was a revelation in terms of excellence. I remember a few tired old gyms I used to visit during my youth, where many gyms skimp on investment. Even the leading gyms in my city were nothing like this!
For me it goes beyond even exercise and into lifestyle. Fitness First Platinum Flinders St has lounges to relax in, a meeting room to connect with friends and clients, an air shower for goodness sake to avoid that sweaty look before your business meeting, and those killer views. And I haven't even mentioned the state of the art equipment.
Whole areas are devoted to group training and classes, bikes, treadmills, other modern equipment and machines and weights.
New fitness innovations abound like: 
- Olympic lifting platforms 
- Matrix cages 
- Custom Bio Age: a new scientifically designed fitness test that measures your biological versus actual age and acts as a motivation and behaviour change tool 
- Custom Fit: a unique fitness program for every member that scientifically assesses members’ ‘training personality’ and goals in order to establish a personalised program from a range of over 350,000 programs 
- Hot Yoga Studio 
- Large outdoor training space overlooking Flinders Street Station 
- Meeting room available for members to book for their own meetings – a true indication that “sweatworking” is the new way to conduct business 

Did I mention?

H.I.I.T Studio – the hottest fitness trend of 2014 including Boxing and battleropes 
Outdoor Rooftop Training – including speed/agility track and climbing frame 
Custom Designed Hot Yoga Studio 
Cycle Studio - including Virtual MyRide + 
XT Strength Training – including Olympic lifting platforms 
Group Fitness Classes – including Body Pump, Body Attack, Shockwave and Yoga. 
Longer opening hours – to ensure you can train when it suits you. 
Plus, all your Urban Essentials - exclusive changing rooms featuring hairdryers, straighteners and shoe shiners.

Impressive also is the culture at Fitness First Platinum Flinders St - the instructor Michelle that took us around for a tour was a great advertisement for the company with her engagement and knowledge. She told us how in the build there was extensive use of natural timbers and materials, as well as optimum use of natural light.


The Group rooms feature a lighting system that sets different moods for the classes and workouts.

The Rooftop area was inviting with instructors taking people through their paces with Flinders St Station as the backdrop.

We noticed the little touches like drink holders next to equipment. And large lockers for members that have enough room for a suit to hang, with coathanger.

We also noticed the effort in the cushioned floor in the weights areas - to avoid those moments in the gym where someone drops heavy weights crashing on the floor and everyone looks around... 

Guests were also given a gym membership, which was extremely generous... 

Fitness First Platinum Flinders St. Get on it.